+82FAI by KOREANFRIENDS.INC is an innovative fashion search engine that matches personalized styling with K-FASHION brands. Explore global fashion trends through customized fashion recommendations tailored to your preferences.

KOREANFRIENDS.INC 는 한류문화를 기반으로 글로벌 사업을 영위하는 기업으로 한류를 대표하는 브랜드기업을 목표로 하고 있습니다.

KOREANFRIENDS.INC is a company that operates global business based on the Korean Wave culture and aims to become a brand company representing the Korean Wave.

A company realizing a global No.1 fashion tech company
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01. Search Engine 82FAI provides an innovative fashion brand search engine tailored to users' preferences and tastes. This allows for easy exploration of various styles and trends.
Personalized Experience

Customized search results cater to each user's unique fashion preferences.

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02. Style Archiving Save and process personal styling to build your own fashion archive. This allows for easy management of styling tailored to your individual preferences.
Customized Fashion Recommendations

Personalized fashion recommendations based on your styling data.

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03. Brand Recommendations Personalized fashion solutions are provided through brand recommendations tailored to users' preferences. This allows consumers to discover fashion items that align with their unique styles.
Consumer-Centric Service

Customized brand recommendations tailored to each user's style and preferences.

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04. Global K-Fashion We support the global expansion of K-FASHION brands and introduce worldwide fashion trends and styles. This contributes to the globalization of K-FASHION.

An original easy brand with global Korean sensibility produced by KOREANFRIENDS.INC.

About +82GALLERY

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Smart FASHION AI services


My Wardrobe Gallery

With +82FAI technology, users can build and manage their digital wardrobes.

Information about garments with RFID tags is automatically collected and stored in the user's wardrobe database. This allows users to easily understand the characteristics of their clothes, such as brand, style, color, and material, at a glance.

Furthermore, AI algorithms analyze the user's clothing purchase history and preferences to provide personalized fashion tendency reports. Based on this, users can objectively understand their fashion style and maximize the utilization of the clothes in their wardrobes.

+82 Fashion AI Engine
Clothing Tracking Service

With RFID tags, the location of garments can be tracked, making it easier to prevent loss and manage clothing.

My Fashion Consumption Finance

By analyzing the user's fashion purchase history and preferences, financial services for optimal fashion item purchases are provided.

Clothing Sharing Service

By transparently managing the history and condition of garments through RFID tags, the reliability of clothing sharing and second-hand transactions can be increased.

Brand Matching Styling

By matching the user's fashion preferences with brand identities, customized brand styling is suggested.


Fashion Style Indexation

+82FAI's RFID technology and AI algorithms quantify and analyze the user's fashion style.

Data is collected for each item, including brand information, design features, materials, colors, etc., and based on this, the user's fashion tendencies are indexed. For example, scores such as classic style index, trendy style index, and casual style index are calculated to objectively represent the user's fashion taste.

Through this, AI can recommend optimized styling to users and suggest new combinations of clothing. Additionally, by analyzing the emotional index of each garment and recommending fashion items that match the user's mood and TPO, a more satisfying fashion consumption experience is provided.

Data Knowledge-Based Curation
Fashion Sensor RFID - X
Social Fashion Network

Communities are formed among users with similar fashion styles to promote fashion information sharing and interaction.

Offline AR Shopping

In stores, services are provided that allow users to virtually try on clothes using AR technology. This enables users to easily experiment with various styles.

Meta Space Fusion

In virtual spaces, fashion styling and social interaction using the user's avatar becomes possible.

Healthy Fashion Life

By linking and analyzing the user's health data and fashion data, fashion items that contribute to a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

Fashion Sensibility Index

Experiencing Fashion's Emotional
Indexation with +82FAI


The classic sensibility index represents a preference for traditional and elegant styles, utilizing neat and simple silhouettes and colors in styling.


The romantic sensibility index signifies a preference for feminine and soft styles, characterized by details such as flowers, lace, frills, and pastel-toned colors.


The casual sensibility index indicates a preference for comfortable and practical styles, creating natural and unique styling by utilizing materials such as denim, cotton, and knit.


The modern sensibility index refers to a preference for contemporary and sophisticated styles, characterized by simple and minimal designs and monochromatic color combinations.

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